You suffer from gout? Here are the 8 foods you should avoid

It usually affects the joints, but also causes negative effects in the soft tissues and kidneys. Its typical crisis usually manifests itself at night , characterized by intense pain and reddening of the big toe. It also affects the knees, ankles and other parts of the body that may accumulate this substance. It is estimated that an average of 20% of patients with this condition develop kidney problems and calculations.
Because it causes an inflammatory reaction, it is often accompanied by a continuous sensation of pain, difficulty in movement and deterioration of the affected areas.

Its exact cause has not yet been established with certainty but it is inter alia:
• Hereditary factors
• Alcohol consumption
• To the changes suffered by postmenopausal women.
Additionally, poor eating habits and overweight are also triggers for many of the seizures.

For this it is essential to know the foods which, by their composition, can worsen the symptoms.

1. Red meat

Excessive intake of red meat not only increases the risk of gout but also causes other complications in the affected patients.
• This is because they have a high purine content, in addition to other compounds that increase cholesterol levels and promote overweight.
• Their consumption can cause problems in the body’s inflammatory processes by multiplying uric acid retention and pain.

2. Seafood
Seafood, as their name suggests, should be discarded from the diets of patients with gout.
• Unfortunately, although most of their compounds are good, they contain high levels of purines, a type of substance that decomposes in the body as uric acid .
• This means they can increase the levels of this substance and worsen inflammation and pain.

3. Beer

 Although it can not be denied that many of the beer compounds are beneficial to the body, in the case of patients with this type of arthritis, it is not indicated.
This drink increases uric acid levels in the body and, in addition, interrupts processes that eliminate these substances .
In addition, its compounds directly affect the inflammatory processes of the joints, while increasing stiffness and difficulty in movement.

4. Sweetened drinks
Sodas and sweetened beverages contain corn syrup and fructose, in addition to artificial sweeteners that increase the production of uric acid.
Their regular consumption considerably increases the risk of developing metabolic disorders , in addition to inflammatory pathologies such as arthritis and gout.
Moreover, the consumption of carbonated drinks containing carbonates is linked to the increased tendency to develop bone difficulties in adulthood.

5. White fish
While some types of fish are favorable to controlling inflammation and pain, white fish on the other hand is detrimental to patients accumulating uric acid.
This food contains between 50 and 150 mg of purines which cause difficulties in the treatment of gout.
Among these fish we find:
• Cod or Cod
• The bar
• The whiting
• Sea bream
• The hake or hake

6. Vegetables
Because of their purine content, vegetables should be eaten moderately in severe hyperuricemia or gout .
The chemical compounds present in the cells of certain foods of animal and vegetable origin cause difficulties in the treatment of this type of disease.
However, it should be noted that the concentration of purines in vegetables is much lower than that of other foods such as meat extracts and canned fish.

7. Mushrooms

Delicious, exotic and low in calories, mushrooms are a source of nutrients that many people love to add to their many recipes.
However, those suffering from this disease must limit their consumption as much as possible because they increase the concentration of crystals of uric acid in the joints .

8. The liver
Although it is indicated to improve anemia attacks caused by iron deficiency , the liver is not the best dietary option for patients suffering from continuing gout attacks .
As with other food sources of animal origin, it has a high concentration of purines that are harmful.
Avoid as much as possible the foods indicated during the treatment of gout será determinant to minimize and overcome its symptoms.
In their place, foods with anti-inflammatory , analgesic and depurative properties are recommended , which contribute in large part to the elimination of this substance.

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