World Emoji Day 2017: What are the most used emojis?

Yesterday we celebrated World Emoji Day, a global event that celebrates these small entertaining images that pace our conversations on the messaging or SMS. July 17 was chosen to illustrate this date.
This July 17, 2017, we celebrated the World Emoji Day!

For the occasion, the number one social network used by 2 billion active users has published some figures concerning the emojis published on its pages, but also within its Messenger messaging, used by more than one billion users . Facebook says that nearly 60 million emojis are sent every day and for Messenger, it’s even more impressive since on the messaging system, 5 billion emojis are used to illustrate the conversations.
With such dramatic numbers, the question many will ask is: what is the most used emoji? In France for example, on Facebook it is the wink of the eye, while on Messenger it is the heart pierced an arrow.

Globally, the podium is held by the kiss in third place, the second place by the eyes in the shape of a heart and the first by the famous ” death of laughter with tears “. We can therefore say that humanity is rather positive, contrary to what many would suggest, since it is laughter and love that most illustrate our discussions.
World Emoji Day: the most used emoji on Facebook in the world

We leave you some facebooks of Facebook that show some Top 10 of the most popular smileys, sorted by country.

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