Whatsapp and Facebook temporary blocked in China

WhatsApp creating problem in China since the last night as it is blocked by the local government. People in China tried to upload stuff against this at different social sites such as twitter but the pictures and audio clips were removed.

WhatsApp authorities are not responsible for the blockage as the Chinese government wants to monitor all the social sites on which the personal data is shared. The Chinese government is more eager to adopt Wechat as their most used messaging app.

While on the other hand, the wechat app is not encrypted and unsafe whereas WhatsApp is encrypted and safe. Wechat app requires the real name of the user, which is part of the master plan to control the cyber sovereignty.

What is a VPN? here is a quick review for it. VPN is a third party service which is used to open the blocked sites in the country for example in 2013 the Youtube was banned in Pakistan many of the youtube users turned on VPN to stream the videos.

Why do people in china use VPN? To load different content such as pornographic content, entertainment, banned social sites etc.

According to the great master plan of China, VPN doesn’t stand on the safe side as they have planned to ban all the VPN’s. They was previously tolerated because it was used by the Universities and multinationals. Virtually every cell phone user is affected by this decision.

The Chinese president spoke to the media mentioning that the purpose of jumping into this was ” cyber sovereignty” which means they really don’t want any foreign company to interface with their personal issues and by looking at the present condition social media is the most personal thing any country could have.


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