US and China trade talks end without agreement

The United States of America and China tried to make a mutual decision, on the topic of trade but the conference didn’t work out, as there was no mutual decision and the talks ended without any decision.

US is more concerned about the trade surplus of China yet ended up asking for more fair in trade, while the Chinese government refused to do any thing like that. The US President showed that putting tariffs of chine steel is still an option.

The issue of steel is indeed a big issue, which need to be resolved but sadly both sides were not able to issue any statement on this topic. Donald trump showed the probability of putting tariffs on Chinese by telling a reporter that tariffs on steel “could happen”.

The Commerce Secretary of US Wilbur Ross showed his disagreement on the $347bn surplus of Chinese as he wanted to balance the deficit, which is only possible if both sides work in coordination. He further “China acknowledged our shared goal to reduce the trade deficit which both sides will work cooperatively to achieve,”

The experts already knew these talks won’t be able to produce anything significant for the most thorny issues. This was blurry that what actually the US is demanding because previously the president Donald trump signaled, that the terms of trade could improve, if China try to help them in resolving the North Korea issue by putting pressure on them for stopping their nuclear and missile program.

Finally in May the US and China agreed on a single plan that opened the market for US credit card companies and credit rating agencies. While on the other hand china lifted ban on beef imports and made agreement to import US liquefied natural gas

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