Tokyo Saryo: a unique green tea bar in the world

Green tea prepared like a drip coffee

Green tea , for its lightness, its aromatic complexity, its awakening of the soul and taste buds, and its Japanese varieties like matcha . The black coffee , for its character, its racy perfume, deep and chocolate, Italian, without sugar and ristretto (tight). To multiply the pleasures, tea and coffee are prepared in many ways in the world. Coffee beans, American coffee, Viennese coffee, grilled green tea, green tea powder matcha, matcha latte … In addition to the different traditions, it is also possible to discover new ways to prepare these emblematic beverages.

Moreover, knowing the different techniques of preparation of green teas and coffees makes it possible to avoid altering their aromas and their benefits. For example, regarding the benefits of green tea , one study finds that ” the temperature and infusion time of tea leaves affect the antioxidant properties of tea and vary according to the type of tea .”

Tokyo Saryo: 9 stools, 1 counter, 1001 flavors

To develop the possible passion that would dazzle you for green tea, a place like Tokyo Saryo is ideal.

Present only in Japan at the moment, Tokyo Saryo is located in the district of Sangenjaya (Tokyo). This modern venue is an unpretentious little cafe that opened on January 5, 2017.

A unique green tea bar in the world. © Tokyo Saryo 1-34-15 Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Inside Tokyo Saryo we discover a wooden countertop with clean lines, rectangular, which rests on a base of cement. Nine wooden stools surround it.

© Tokyo Saryo

Here visitors can discover what is called ” the first hand drip style service” .

© Tokyo Saryo

Just like a cup of drip coffee, the owners of this beautiful place have developed a gorgeous “appliance” that is filled with tea leaves. Hot water is poured over the leaves and drips through a filter made of ceramic directly into a cup.

Here is what Tokyo Saryo offers, a minimalist and design space dedicated entirely to tea. The Tokyo Saryo is unique in its kind for fans and fans of tea. This place is magical. Especially for its choice of quality teas and its atypical tastings.

This technique, located outside the usual codes of preparation of green tea is suitable for varieties of tea that have a good aromatic complexity. This “drip teapot” is able to mitigate and balance bitterness and sweetness.

© Tokyo Saryo. Preparation of green tea drip

For about € 10 (1300 円 yen) you can taste two different varieties of green tea among others. The service is done with great elegance and precision.

© Tokyo Saryo Instagram . Japanese green tea tasting and pastries

The creators of this place explain that the green tea tasted in this way is superior to green tea made in a classical teapot.

© Tokyo Saryo. Green tea prepared as a coffee.

Indeed, the green tea infused with drip reaches the optimal balance between the temperature of the water and the rate of extraction. As a result, they have developed a method that upsets the world of tasting by creating a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness.

© Tokyo Saryo. Japanese ceramic tea cup.

The other advantage of going to Tokyo Saryo on your next trip to Japan is the wealth of information that the place offers.

© Tokyo Saryo

You will learn, for example, that the optimum brewing temperature for green tea is 70 ° C to 80 ° C, as opposed to 90 ° C for coffee. Or, unlike coffee beans, green tea leaves are meant to be stirred 2 or 3 times. Indeed, brewing green tea like coffee is a vital phase in the chain of elaboration of a good green tea and a good coffee.

Green Tea from Japan ©

Finally, the green teas available at Tokyo Saryo , distributed and elaborated by Green Brewing , are presented on their online shop at


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