Supreme court rejected the medical certificates provided by Dr. Asim

Dr. Asim is one of the sound leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party. He is also a close companion of former president Asif Ali Zardari.  His name is yet to be removed from the ECL as he has many of the corruption charges on him, such as the fertilizer scam, money laundering, and land fraud. He is accused of earning the huge sum of money through illegal activities. He was also been sent to prison for 19 months previously but was released on 31st March

The defense lawyer of Dr. Asim asked the supreme court to remove his name from ECL as he is facing many of the medical problems Barrister Latif Khosa (defense lawyer) provided Dr. Asim’s medical certificates to the court but all of them got rejected by the Justice Aijaz Afzal, he commented on the medical certificated by saying “Nine medical boards were formed to examine Dr. Asim Hussain’s health and every board has suggested a different illness.”

Latif Khosla added that he is facing a spinal cord disease, which is not curable in Pakistan so Dr. Asim has to go abroad for this. He further said that Dr. Asim is in need of urgent surgery otherwise he will lose his life.

Dr. Asim’s petition for removing his name from his name from ECL got rejected. Latif Khosa further argued that all the other suspects are allowed to fly abroad which is not a fair treatment.

On this, the court asked for a reply from interior ministry “We want to see whether the law is being properly followed or not while putting a person’s name on the ECL,” apex court added.


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