Suicide attack kills 10 in Afghanistan

According to local officials, Afghani army and civilians were attacked by a suicide bomber who was driving a car which left 10 of the soldiers and civilians dead in the southern Helmand province.

The local director of Nawa district said almost all of the soldiers present there were killed in this incident as the target of the suicide bomber was to kill the soldier’s others were wounded.

Till now nobody took the responsibility of the attack.

Omer Zwak, a senator in Helmand, affirmed the assault and causalities, however, couldn’t give a correct number of dead and injured. he added a number of causalities could rise.

In the previous two years, and after the withdrawal of most foreign battle troops, the Taliban have ventured up assaults and spread out from their southern heartland over the nation. Assaults in the north have additionally expanded.

A provincial officer narrated an incident on Sunday in which a militant in the western Nouroz province killed two police officers.

Gen. Jilani Abubaker, provincial police chief in Nimroz, said “Abdul Hakim, Dilaram district police chief, and another district police officer was killed in an ambush.”

No one took the responsibility of the attacks but it is near 100% sure that this was done by the taliban beacase they are very active in dilaram which is 150 miles from zaranj.

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