Storm Harvey: Houston battles ‘unprecedented’ floods

75cm rain has fallen on the city in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, transforming streets into waterways. This is recorded as the highest rate of rain in Huston.

The flood took the lives of more than 5 people. It is said that the city has received a year of rainfall in just a week, which is something horrible. Rescue services are totally busy in helping the individuals yet they cannot cover all the city resulting people to get of this situation themselves.

Huston is regarded as the 4th largest city of US regarding area and population. Around 6.6m people live them. Due to the Hurricane, many people were stuck in their houses offices etc as the water level suddenly rose up and it entered in the houses, more than 2000 people are rescued by the emergency services yet some people are still in need of help.

In Washington, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) said it is a hard test for all the rescues services who are not only protecting the lives of people but also protecting the important infrastructure of the buildings and offices. More than 30000 people are affected by this. Providing shelter to 30000 people is considered as a very heavy lift.

The pictures of the victims went viral on the social media as many of them can be seen with half body in the water. Most famous one was a old lady who was sitting in her lounge with half of her body in water.

A big city always depends on two things, business and efficiency of transport. In Huston, all the means of transportation are closed such as airports railway stations and motorways. All the businesses including shops offices etc are closed and for how long? nobody knows.

Engineers are working to put all the water into the emergency dams, A certain warning is issued to the families living near by dam to prepare themselves for a heavy flood which is going to hit their houses in some hours.

The authorities are stressed because trump planned his visit to taxes on Saturday if he does not cancel his visit he will find the city of oil on his knees.


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