Saudi-led coalition admits it ‘mistakenly’ hit civilians in Yemen, killing 14

Saudi Military accepted the responsibility for an air strike, which killed 14 civilians in Yemen yesterday. They further said that this mistake was not intentionally done and it was due to the technical fault in their system.

The coalition, in an announcement conveyed by the official Saudi Press Agency, said that after the investigation of the strike agents they found that a technical mix-up was behind this sad incident, which took place in the Yemeni capital.

According to the local press of Yemen, this accident left 14 people injured and 16 people wounded. Among those 14 people, there were 7 people from the same family, 4 kids who were below 10 also died in this accident. ICRC said that there were total 3 buildings damaged in all this incident.

The Houthis and their ally, previous president Ali Abdullah Saleh, control a significant part of the north of the nation, including Sanaa. Yemen’s globally perceived government is backed by the Saudi military cooperation and is situated in the south now.

The United States and Britain give arms and calculated help for certain purpose. The issue has caused discussion in Britain over the toll on regular citizens.

Many of the hospitals, houses etc have been attacked previously which is against the human rights.

Around 2 million people are disturbed by the war, reported by the United Nations.


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