Samsung denies the rumors. The Galaxy S8 sells better than its predecessor

While preparing to introduce the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung denies rumors that sales of the Galaxy S8 (presented earlier in the year) would not have been as good as those of the S7 in 2016. Specifically, Media articles, quoting analysts, said Samsung would sell 20% less Galaxy S8 in 2017 than Galaxy S7 in 2016.

Information that was denied by a Korean company executive at a conference in Taiwan, as reported by Digitimes. Quoting Dongjin Koh, the head of the mobile division of Samsung, this medium indicates that sales of the Galaxy S8 are 15% higher than those of the S7. And Samsung expects this momentum to continue in the last two quarters of the year.

Normally, the next high-end phone, the Galaxy Note 8, will be released between August and September. The manufacturer has not yet given a date.

Note 8 should have similarities with the S8 design side , especially for the screen. However, logic would like that most of its competitors (Apple, OnePlus, Essential, Huawei), the Korean adopts the dual camera, absent on the S8.

In any case, Samsung will face fairly tough competition in the last quarter. Apple celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and should therefore be particularly innovative. Other players have also arrived in the high-end segment, not to mention Essential, founded by one of the creators of the Android OS , as well as Google, which tackles this market with its Pixel phones.

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