Romanian police open fire on vehicles carrying migrants

On Monday night a vehicle carrying migrants tried to cross the Romanian border, which resulted in Romanian police to open fire on them. The firing left two of the migrants injured as reported by the authorities.

“Police used their guns to immobilize the two vehicles. At first, they fired into the air and then at the tires, forcing the cars to stop. Two passengers were hurt by ricochets,” police said in a statement to local media.

One policeman likewise was wounded. The drivers of the vehicle, carrying 12 Afghans and Pakistanis, had declined to stop at the border B/w Serbia and Romania, which is a piece of the European Union yet not of the Schengen zone.

Romania received thousands of migrants this year as smugglers are finding new ways to enter in EU. The Romanian police also found a boat carrying people to Romania without a visa or any legal document via black sea.

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