Pakistan fires back at US, asks not to be made ‘scapegoat’ for Afghan failures

Pakistan has responded strongly against Trump’s allegations that Pakistan is sheltering terrorists. US leader made some serious allegations while he announced a new Afghanistan strategy. Islamabad stated Washington is trying to make Pakistan it a “scapegoat” for its own failures.

Trump on Monday presented a new strategy for Afghanistan while he was at the US Army’s Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall.  The US President during his speech criticized the role of Pakistan by saying it has “safe havens” for terrorist organizations. Trump also said that the US wants to see more commitment to peace from the Pakistani government and they should not test our patience.

Following up US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson later revised Trump’s line by saying Pakistan’s aid might be reviewed and we ll be assessing Islamabad’s status as a major non-NATO ally.

He added “The amount of aid and military assistance we give them, their status as non-NATO alliance partner – all of that can be put on the table”.

Islamabad strongly condemned the US criticism of its fight against terrorism and accused Washington of trying to shift the blame on Pakistan for its own failures.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said in a statement “They should not make Pakistan a scapegoat for their failures in Afghanistan”. He further added that our “commitment to war against terrorism is unmatched and unshaken.”

Pakistan had earlier called Trump’s claims of “safe havens” for the Taliban and other terrorist groups a “false narrative.”

“No country in the world has suffered more than Pakistan from the scourge of terrorism, often perpetrated from outside our borders. It is, therefore disappointing that the US policy statement ignores the enormous sacrifices rendered by the Pakistani nation in this effort,” the Pakistani foreign minister said in a statement.


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