‘Overwhelming force’: South Korea conducts bombing drill in response to Pyongyang’s missile test

I order show North Korea their military powers the South Korean president ordered to conduct a drill just a few hours after the launch of North Korean missile named Pyongyang which fell into the water of Japan. Pyongyang is reported to the dangerous missile, which can easily aim North Korean main cities.

The show of power, by South Korean president Moon Jae-in, included four F15K warrior planes dropping MK84 multi purpose bombs on a shooting range close to the Korean outskirt in Taebaek, the presidential press secretary told correspondents, as indicated by Yonhap.

Chief press secretary of Moon, Yoon Young-chan explained that the drill was ordered immediately after the meeting of the Security Council regarding the Pyongyang threat. This was the step against the ballistic measures of North Korea.

We assessed North Korea’s provocations as extremely severe and decided to maintain a vigilant posture in preparation for the possibility of additional provocations by North Korea,” the chief of the National Security Council added.

Shortly after the Launch of Pyongyang the national security director, Chung Eui-Yong contacted Donald trump for the assistance, he added that Donald trump seems to be happy with the policy of Moon and he fully supported the south Korea against the North Korean ballistic measures.

There are some planning’s of the emergency meetings of the UNSC as it is requested by Japan and US because this incident was a threat to the peace of not only two countries but the world.

Russia and China also spoke in the favor of South Korea and seems to be happy with the response of S Korea against the N Korea but both offered different ways to get out the crisis.

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