Nokia and Carl Zeiss will work together again

At the time of touch-enabled phones, Nokia was known for the autonomy and robustness of its mobiles. When he embraced smartphones (by choosing the wrong operating system), he also built up a good reputation with the cameras of his products.

For example, while smartphones cameras were only about ten megapixels, Nokia had launched, with Carl Zeiss, a Lumia 1020 with a camera of 41 megapixels. Thanks to this difference, the device distinguished itself from the competition both for the characteristics and for the results obtained during the tests of cameras. “Nokia Android” with Carl Zeiss camera?

Today, after reselling its mobile division to Microsoft, and then recovered the right to use its brand, Nokia is back on the mobile market.

The company has signed a licensing agreement with HMD, enabling this entity to design, produce and sell Nokia branded devices. And today, HMD announces a new partnership with Carl Zeiss.

In a statement, both parties said that this partnership is for smartphone cameras, and that it will allow a return of the brand Carl Zeiss on Nokia devices.

HMD has already released Nokia smartphones. But until now, it has been satisfied with the entry-level segments as well as the intermediate range.

According to some rumors, the next smartphone of the brand should also be a high-end . And the announcement of a new collaboration with Carl Zeiss (synonymous with quality) only corroborates these rumors.

Moreover, in a statement published by CNET , HMD’s head of marketing, Pekka Rantala, suggests that the next Nokia could have a dual camera.

This new trend of high-end phones has already been embraced by Apple, Huawei and OnePlus. “This (dual sensor, editor’s note) will give new opportunities to an actor like us to explore new experiences,” says Rantala.

Otherwise, in the release of HMD and Carl Zeiss, it is also recalled that the two companies have already worked together on many products. “The relationship between Nokia and Zeiss on phones goes back a decade,” reads one. It is based on a shared passion for innovation and the desire to offer the best to the consumer, “recalled the two entities. For example, Nokia and Carl Zeiss collaborated on the first phone offering a “multi-megapixel” camera.

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