Migrant traffickers brag about bribing British-backed Libyan coastguard

Libyan Smugglers backed by the British are making millions of the dollars from the death and misery of the Mediterranean.

English Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson promised on Thursday to help resolve the problems cursing the North African state, revealing a £9mn ($11.6 million) bundle of help on a visit to Tripoli.

He also visited Libya and announced to give a £78 million for the training and funding program.

EU wants to pay Libyan law Enforcement Company to protect migrants crossing the border trapping thousands of the people, which are considered as a stain on the name of the country.

Other than the liberal money infusions, many individuals have made the migration consistently this summer. Thousands are edgy to get away from the rebellious North African nation, where dark transients and outcasts are sold, killed or smuggled.

“Our mission is to coordinate illegal immigration trips from Libya to Italy. We have made an agreement together with them (coastguard),” one message reads.

“Our trips are taken from Sabratha beach. “On the wooden boats, one person is equipped and taught,” Bonir said while talking to the media.

Boris Johnson demanded Britain should noticeably engage with Libya, despite the military activity in 2011 which removed Colonel Muammar Gaddafi from his strong position.


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