Microsoft plans to provide its Azure cloud platform to Chinese

Microsoft plans to provide its Azure cloud platform to Chinese, Baidu’s open source autonomous driving project, Apollo.

Companies which are using Apollo for their crafted self-driving vehicles may use Microsoft’s Azure cloud for taking this project outside China securely.

Although self-driving vehicles technology has evolved to impressive level, especially the ability to capture data. Application of artificial intelligence of global cloud of Microsoft, will further enhance neural network capabilities in making self-driven vehicles safer.

There has been lot of growth in Self-driven independent vehicles. Not only are the big names in the auto industry working on it but also top names in the technology have taken up various projects. Alphabet parent company of google is front runner with their version of self-driven vehicle named Waymo.
It has already been reported last year that around 15 percent of the new cars sold in 2030 are going to be autonomous self-driven cars.

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