Martens new residents of Istanbul streets

Istanbul streets are famous for its street cats and dogs. Martens have joined cats and dogs of Istanbul streets, they are sighted in backyards or on rooftops by the locals of Istanbul. Marten population has risen a lot in past several months. They are slim and agile predators with thick fur, weighing around 1.5 kilograms.
It has been reported by the wild animal veterinarian and World Wildlife Fund member that martens seen in Istanbul belong to beech specie of martens also known as the stone marten, house marten or white-breasted marten. They belong to the mustelid family, which also includes otters, badgers, wolverines and weasels.
These martens prefer to live in wooden buildings and rooftops. They feed at nighttime, and they can easily find rats and pigeons, which are main source of their diet. They also like to eat sweets, for that matter they break into houses if open windows found. Martens have well adapted themselves with urban environment. It is also observed that areas with high-rise concrete structures have lesser population of animals.
Locals of Istanbul have shared their experiences on the social media. One of them said martens are living schoolyard behind his house in Fatih neighborhood, and their survival is based on eating food meant for stray cats. As per another’s experience martens come across suddenly from under the cars.

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