Malaysia bans ‘Despacito’ from state stations for being “Sexy”

Malaysian official have banned all state broadcasters from playing steamy lyrics song Despacito following complaints.

Malaysia has been strict on censorship rules and in past has banned sensitive materials from publishing. A senior minister told that the remix version sung by Justin Bieber was considered Un-Islamic.

Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi sung the original song Despacito in earlier January and this song was named the most-streamed song of all time, which received 4.6bn plays worldwide in six months only.

AFP News agency was told by the Communications minister of Malaysia Mr. Salleh that they have received many public complaints and have decided to restrain the state owned broadcasters from playing this song. “The lyrics are not suitable to be heard,” he added. Meanwhile, privately owned radio stations have been “encouraged” to “practice self-censorship,” he said.

Parti Amanah Negara, the opposition Islamic Party had already urged the government to censor this Spanish song for it’s sexy content.

Artiza Umar, who is the Chairwoman of the party’s women wing, stated this song unsuitable and detrimental for society, she compared this song to extreme content.

This song became popular on social media and went viral soon after its release in January and it was given a new life when in April Justin Bieber appeared on a remix.

The title of the Spanish-language song translates as “slowly”, which is said to be a reference to the speed of Fonsi’s seduction technique.

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