Lost Spanish Town Emerges From A Reservoir During A Drought

As a result of drought an abandoned town of Mansilla de la Sierra  in Spain emerged out of waters that usually remained under it. In 1959, the settlement was moved for the construction of new water reservoir for irrigation of farm lands of village of Alto Najerilla. After the residents vacated the town and moved to nearby new town, reservoir was flooded with water immersing the remaining buildings of town.

Extreme dry summer heat became the cause for the re-emergence of the quite town, it gave chance to locals and tourists to move around the remains of the abandoned town. Some of the former residents returned to the structures where they used to live once. It was very emotional for the older people to walk through the streets and to show to their grandchildren what once their hometown was.

Some other villages were also submerged under water in Spain for the construction of reservoirs in 20th century. These submerged sites include San Roma de Sau, a 1000 years old village with Romanesque ruins and Mediano where a 16th century church is submerged.

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