Kenya bans producing and importing plastic bags, may fine $38,000

Finally, kenya imposed a ban on importing plastic bag as it is not environmental friendly and one of the most common importing product of Kenya. Violation of the ban can result in the fine of 3800$.

Kenya was importing plastic bags at a very high rate, which resulted in mountains of thin plastic shopping bags at the damp sites of Kenya’s capital. The streets of Kenya are also not safe from these plastic bags it can be easily said that they are wide spread.

Burning of plastic bags results in such fumes, which damage the ozone layer and cause several breathing diseases. That’s why countries such as Tanzania, Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mauritania, and Malawi adopted the same policy as Kenya regarding plastic bags.

According to the Un environmental program report, the supermarkets alone in Kenya contributes around 100 million plastic bags a year.

Manufacturers of the plastic bags at the same time are stressed as this will cost jobs.

Apart from this, there will be a heavy loss to the owner of the factories as their main importers banned the product. This will either decrease the sale by the big margin or shut the factories permanently.


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