JIT report and national politics

Although the Muslim League (N) government has rejected the JIT report, it will not endanger sensitive and serious issues only. Now this matter has to reach its logical conclusion. Both government and opposition should avoid political conflicts on the JIT’s investigation report and should wait for the judicial verdict. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has two ways in the current scenarios. First, after the JIT report of the Supreme Court, the resignation of the Prime Minister’s office should be resigned and defend the charges against the court. In this case, any of the Muslim League (N) will handle the government and the political crisis will beginWhile the other way is to wait for the Supreme Court’s final decision and keep the responsibility of the ministry’s prime minister till then.

In our view, the first option for them will be more useful because they themselves can escape from being unfair in court if they resign themselves in the current political situation. Legal experts say that serious allegations have been put on them; they can be 10 years or unwanted. In the Panama case, Joint Investigation Team has also given its report evidence of corruption against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Mary Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz and Hassan Nawaz. In the light of these evidence presented in the Supreme Court, the JIT has recommended that Sharif should be sent to NAB in return to return the national government. The government constituencies have been shouting against the JIT report even though Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif presented himself to accountability. It should have been said that the ruling family further demonstrates patience and respectful decisions should be respected, but regret is that it could not happen. Earlier the government ministers expressed reservations over the formation of JIT and the sky was lifted up against its investigation report.

If the PPP can accept the judicial verdict of the disqualification of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani in the past the Muslim League (N) should also accept high-level judicial decisions. It is unfortunate that the Prime Minister is rearing the previous mistakes that have been done earlier. He got the Prime Minister for the third time, but it seems that he did not learn the lessons. After the JIT report, the opposition has become united. Tehreek-e-Insaf, Jamaat-i-Islami, PPP, and other parties have demanded a resignation from Prime Minister. The truth is that the Joint Investigation Team report has kept everything open. Now Prime Minister has lost the moral privilege of living in the ministry. The remarkable thing is that state institutions in Pakistan are becoming strong and the public is growing trust on these institutions because of the stability of state institutions, democracy will also be strong. The Panama case has become the biggest corruption scandal in the country’s history. Now the final decision of the Supreme Court on this matter is to come. At present, the views of the entire nation are on the court premises. In this context, our friend columnist and intellectual Mr. Mohammad Mehdi also held a special discussion at Punjab University Club in Lahore last week. I was invited there too. Mr. Altaf Hassan Qureshi and other prominent personalities were also involved in this important decision-making. I expressed my views in the program that the Prime Minister had presented himself to accountability. This is a good tradition, but why is it so unhappy in the government’s ranks?

Today, we have to decide that the accountability of Pakistan remains in place, because there is a nation’s life in accountability. If there are corrupt elements in any power party, then they should have accountability. I further added that accountability of the case of Panama Leaks should be of all corrupt people, including Prime Minister’s family. But also, the demand for the time of forgetting of accountability of Swiss accounts and foreign debtors, led by PPP’s leadership is inevitable. Corruption is Pakistan’s biggest problem at this time. Crisis increases inflation, poverty and unemployment. That’s why corruption would have to be rooted out of root. Our unfortunate fact is that the rulers could never have been accountable for the past. Now it is the first time in Pakistani history that any Prime Minister and his family have been brought to court in connection with corruption. The nation is feeling satisfied with the recent role in the judiciary in Pakistan. Judiciary has a great role in the stability of democracy in any country. If the courts work properly and give right and fair decisions, the society does not spread unhappyness and disorder. The role of the Supreme Court and JIT till now, on the issue of Panama Lex, is worthwhile. At the same time, the Supreme Court heard a hearing on Panama Lax, whereas the political story in the country was overwhelming.

The opposition parties were protesting on the streets and there was an atmosphere of political uncertainty in the country. If the Supreme Court did not play its role in this important matter, when the democratic system had become a railway. The federal consolidation credit certainly goes to the judiciary and other state institutions that they have ensured the constitution and law enforcement and did not let the conflict and political fronts go ahead. At present, four years of the PML-N government have been completed.

He should be grateful to the judiciary and other state institutions that he did not allow democracy to come down from the track. Now the government will have to avoid creating such situations and with a cool heart it is to consider that there is a sacrifice in politics. Even in the last government’s rule of government, such incidents were seen. He also sacrificed but PPP did not take the way to collapse with state institutions in the broad interest of democracy. Instead, he completed his five years by performing wise behavior. Some of the disadvantaged elements are pairing the current political situation with CP. Army Chief has said in a delicious word that any packages will be done on the CP-C. The fact is that Pak; China Economic Transit is not related to any government. For the past several years, there was progress in Pakistan and China. Finally, during the Nawaz Sharif government, the project was started rapidly, which is continuing in a full range. Pakistani law enforcement agencies are monitoring this great project. In order to fulfill the issue, The Chinese government is also satisfied with the working speed on the CP. That’s why China’s attention is focused on CP’s administrative matters.

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