In dealing with Trump, Pakistan plays its trump card

Karachi:- Pakistan conveyed this message to the America that Pakistan will draw up its own policy for maintaining peace in Afghanistan if the trump doesn’t change his words for Islamabad and policy against Pakistan.

The civil and military leadership of Pakistan took this matter seriously.

“Consultations at the highest levels concluded that Pakistan will not give in to any American pressure or demands,” sources said, adding that senior federal authorities have voiced their reservations.

It was been conveyed to the US administration that Pakistan has 100% success rate in every military operation against terrorists and Pakistan will continue to do that until the last terrorist leaves Pakistan.

Pakistan has told US Ambassador David Hale that Pakistan was never dependent on the US neither the Islamabad depends on Washington DC. Pakistan also don’t need any financial assistance from the America from now onwards.

They said that Pakistan had begun moving toward its partners, including China, Russia, and different nations to prepare themselves for the new US policy. Beijing has guaranteed Islamabad that it will veto any conceivable determination in the UN Security Council by the US.

Sources additionally said that Islamabad has set its own particular system to manage the new US policy. Pakistan, they stated, has cautioned the US of conceivable haul out from the Afghan compromise process if Washington didn’t change its approach

“If the US adopts a balanced policy, Pakistan will also establish good relations with the Trump administration, otherwise Pakistan can review its relations on all issues,” they added.


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