Imported Pork From “Leading Supermarket” Linked To Hepatitis E Virus Infection

It is reported by the Guardian that researchers of Public Health England (PHE) trying to know more about people with hepatitis E (HEV), have come across that pork products sold at one the leading supermarkets of UK may contained HEV. Though it is very rare that this virus can cause serious liver damage, still thousands of people may be at risk.

In recent past it was believed that HEV wasn’t that widespread in the UK and it was more in low income countries. As per current research HEV has been detected in blood samples and it has raised alarm.

The researchers believe that those who are detected with HEV have regularly purchased pork product from specific supermarket. It is also believed that British pigs are not infected with this virus. It is possible that this infection is due to imported pork products.

It is also stated that virus is not detected directly from the meat products sold at specific supermarket what is at the moment believed is based on just correlation.

As per The Times, about 200,000 Britons per year are infected due to consuming imported pork products.

The infection due to this virus may cause mild influenza, urine gets darker, stool becomes paler and yellowing of skin and eyes can be observed. This disease is fatal for those who already have liver problems. Complications may also appear in pregnant women.

It appears to researchers that it is better to cook pre-cooked pork products at home.

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