Houthi rebels, loyalists withdraw from clashes in Yemeni capital

Officials from the two groups reported that after the exchange of fire in the yemeni capital on Sunday. Gunmen from both sides dropped their weapons, as the civil war alliance withdrew from the streets.

On late Saturday the conflict between Houthi renegades and supporters of a previous president killed more than three soldiers and denoted a breakdown inside the political social meeting facing a Saudi military coalition in Yemen’s 2 1/2-year-old war.

“The situation has been contained and armed men have been withdrawn. A commission to investigate the incident has been formed,” a Houthi official told Reuters.

The two battling groups together manage or rule northern Yemen and have kept up a strong hold on the certain areas. the stalemated clash between them has executed no less than 10,000 individuals

The main issue that increased the tension was when two Houthi fighters who were appointed to the check post near Saleh’s son were killed. According to the Yemeni press, the former army officer who was now giving services to the Saleh and his family also died.

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