Gauri Lankesh: Indian journalist shot dead in Bangalore

On Tuesday, between 7:30 to 8 pm Gauri Lankesh was gunned by three men as she was returning from her work, police reported.

Lankesh, 55, manager of Kannada newspaper ‘Gauri Lankesh Patrike’, had stopped her vehicle outside the door of her home and was strolling to the primary passage when the assailants terminated no less than seven rounds. As she rushed to the entryway, three bullets hit Lankesh in the head, neck, and chest, while four struck the front mass of the house. Lankesh was dead instantly after the bullet hit her head, police reported.

She was found dead near her house, Lankesh murder was the most high profile journalist murder in couple of years

Hindu nationalists are making journalist as their target since long. Politicians are also contributing equally to this issue as recently some of the politicians used abusive language for the journalists.

At this point some question arise such as- Hindu nationalists should be considered as a danger to journalism profession?

One should not choose journalism as their profession?

Gauri Lankesh was referred to by numerous people as Gauri. She altered a weekly daily paper and was known as a valiant and blunt columnist. She was known for her secularist feedback of conservative and Hindu Patriots, including individuals from the BJP.

After she was separated from her brother she was forced to introduce her own news paper named  Gauri Lankesh Patrike.

She was a strong woman who was known for her work, regarding journalism, It was a sad news for the residents of India and she was shot 7 times which took her life.

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