Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor: Raucous weigh-in completes build-up

McGregor weighing 153lbs screamed at his rival and paraded around the stage, saying Mayweather is in worst shape he has ever seen him. He feels he can easily beat his rival as he is in best physical condition.
McGregor and Mayweather will finally face each other at 04:00 BST on Sunday at the T-Mobile Arena. It will be a 50th and final bout for the Mayweather.

Mayweather said weight is not real factor, its fighting which make you win fights and it will be last fight for Conor McGregor too.

Many from the boxing field have taken this fight more as an event having big audience and not as a fight. This fight will be seen in 220 countries.

It’s going to cost £20 for watching fight at minimum in UK and around £75 in US. Output from the ticket sales and sponsorship is expected to be very healthy. Tickets are also been sold for watching fight in Las Vegas Strip and hundreds of cinemas in US will be broadcasting the fight. It is expected that more than $600m (£466m) would be generated from this event which mean Mayweather may get something around $300m and McGregor around $100m.

Mayweather’s father said that his son is not what he was in 2015, after retiring in 2015 he has lost lot of his ability. He also said that 50th win of the career would make him beat Rocky Marciano’s 49-fights winning record. Mayweather has boxed 387 professional rounds in his career whereas McGregor has none.

Talking about statistics out of 49 wins of Mayweather 26 were on the basis of points and 23 with unanimous decision. He was knocked down once in his career.

Betting market is high and has confused those who feel McGregor will lose. Las Vegas is expecting 1300 private jets landing as there going to big betting for Mayweather in his home town. According to Jay Rood, who runs the sportsbook at the MGM Grand said in case Mayweather wins they are going to beat the $50m record when Mayweather won against Pacquiao, and in case Mayweather lost the fight they will lose around $20m.

Following are comments of experts about fight:

Packie Collins, trainer and brother of Steve the former world champion feels McGregor has better chance since he has never seen anyone train and practice that hard.
Jeff Eubank, Floyd uncle said that everyone knows it is all about money.
Rickie Hatton, who was beaten by Mayweather in 2007, said McGregor has no chance.
Amir Khan, former light-welterweight world champion said it’s a fight between MMA and boxing and its important for boxing that Mayweather wins.

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