Facebook: save GIFs with the camera

Facebook wants more GIFs!

The GIFs have arrived on Facebook in 2015. And the format quickly snapped up on the social network. In June, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the GIF, Facebook has even decided to allow its users to comment with these animated images.

And soon you should see even more on your newsfeed

Indeed, it seems that Facebook is currently testing a feature on the “camera” part of its mobile application that will allow users to save GIFs to post on the social network.

For the moment, the novelty has not been mentioned by the number one social network. But it has been spotted by users, including Matt Navara, director of social media for The Next Web.

“Facebook on iOS now allows you to create your own GIFs,” he wrote while sharing this screenshot. In essence, if novelty is activated on your Facebook account, the application displays a “normal” mode and another “GIF” mode when you use the Facebook camera feature.

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