Facebook highlights its offensive against Fake News

Facebook is committed to a fierce fight against the fake news, since many Internet users and media criticized the social network for its laxity on this subject during the American presidential campaign. The social network has therefore taken several measures since that date, notably the prohibition on individuals to modify the overview of shared links, the proposed articles complementary to the one displayed in the news feed to cross-check the information or The setting up of a media group to record information in order to determine whether the latter are reliable and relayed by the press or whether it is a fake news.
Facebook intensifies its fight against Fake News

Facebook will no longer be able to modify the preview of a link to the page managers and only those who post an article from their own site will retain that possibility. Some will say how this prevents a site from launching a fake news? Actually nothing … On the other hand this will prevent armies of small hands to carry out this task and which allowed to viralize the content more massively.

Indeed, a large number of Internet users found themselves deceived by seeing information from a traditional media in the preview and without clicking on it, it was impossible to know that the link was false. A lot of people did not take the time to read the articles, content themselves with the title, the overview and a small description to appropriate the information and to comment on it, so it was very easy to deceive a large Number of people who in turn relay false information.

It is not a revolution in the fight against fake news, but it is one more step, affirming the determination of Mark Zuckerberg to make a day of his social network a source of information of confidence.

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