Elections Bill 2017 calls for imprisonment of lawmakers submitting incorrect asset details

PCER approved the Election bills 2017 for fining the lawmakers on providing any type of wrong details regarding their assets. The bill includes that there will be 0.1 million fine or 3 years of imprisonment for this offense.

The Lawmakers have to submit the details of their assets by 30 June every year. If they fail to provide the details on the specific time, this could probably result in the permanent termination of the lawmaker’s membership. It explained that the lawmakers who fail to submit their details within 60 days will be out of the assembly. According to the copy of the bill, it also gives additional powers to the election commission of Pakistan. As it can now order any institution to see if there is any irregularity or not.

Explaining the delay in Election bill The Election commission Pakistan asked the speaker of the national assembly to direct the members of parliament on the electoral reforms so the ECP can finalize the recommendations and start their work as soon as possible according to the new Law.

However, the ECP has made a comprehensive plan satisfying all the legal measures at least 6 months before the election according to the section 14.

The draft was presented by Ishaq Dar, (Finance minister of Pakistan) when he was presenting draft he asked all the parliamentarians and stakeholders to give the feedback so the final draft should be done within 30 working days.


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