Eight (8) ancient shipwrecks discovered Off Greece

Eight new shipwrecks were discovered off the Greek Fourni islands by divers from a joint Greek-American project divers back in June.

Fourni archipelago, part of the Fourni Underwater Survey found the sunken vessels, which may date from Classical times to start of 20th twentieth century.

Identification and documentation of ancient medieval and post medieval shipwrecks are the main goals of this project in Fourni archipelago. This comprises of 13 small islets and islands between the Aegean islands of Samos and Icaria.

According to the statement issued by the Greek Culture Ministry, the recent discoveries brought the total count of ships recorded off the Coast of Fourni between 2015 and 2017 to 53.

A footage of divers exploring the wrecks and artefacts dated 2016 was aired.

In June 2016, remains of 23 ships were found which dated in between 1000 BD and the 19th century.

A new season, fourth to be precise is planned in 2018, during which these divers will carry out surveys and document their findings.

After completing a full survey of the Fourni archipelago’s underwater resources, the project will consider excavating the shipwrecks.


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