Economic growth rate is expected to reach up to 7% in 2019: World Bank

This year the continuation of economic reforms in Pakistan in 2018 electionWhile the slowdown may reduce growth rates in construction projects, the World Bank released a report on the South Asian countries. The World Bank released a report on the benefits of South Asian countries’ ” Globalization ”, The report said that the economic growth rate in Pakistan is expected to be 2 percent to 5 decimal energy prices inflation in fiscal year 2019 is expected to reach up to 7%.The World Bank says, China Economic Corridor project thanks to an increase in construction activities and power generation which will raise industrial growth, but sustainable growth and long-term investments to the private sector for poverty reduction, The World Bank says that the years may reduce the growth slowdown in construction projects can affect the continuation of economic growth in Pakistan in the 2018 elections. The report may be less feared in Pakistan’s exports to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from Europe while it may be decreased remittances from the Arab countries of the low prices of crude oil, Index increased from 3% fiscal deficit in fiscal 2017, according to the World Bank 4 decimal 8% while the deficit is expected to be 2 decimal accounts for 2% of the total production.

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