Eating between 8 am and 2 pm regulates hunger and helps to lose weight

How to lose weight ?

Thinness. Recurring theme of women’s press and health blogs, slimming is often the way to make product placement or nutrition coaching programs.

In spite of this farandole of advice to lose weight quickly, one often finds the ineffectiveness of these recipes miracles and tinkered. Not to mention the yo-yo effect and the complications associated with anarchic or inadequate diet patterns.Fortunately, nutrition researchers are working to find new ways to help people who are (overly) overweight.

For the first time in humans, a study reports that eating early in the day and on a specific time slice decreases the fluctuations of hunger. The study also points out that fat oxidation and energy metabolism are changing, which could help with weight loss.

Researchers at the University of Alabama (Birmingham, USA) interested in chronobiology notice that changes caused in meal times can help a person lose weight and burn fat.

Diet: What is the perfect time to eat?

Eat between 8 am and 2 pm followed by a daily fast of 6 pm!

This first human test on early time-restricted feeding ( eTRF ) revealed that this mealtime strategy has several health benefits.It reduces hunger fluctuations and alters fats, burning patterns of carbohydrates, which can help lose weight.

With the eTRF, people eat their last meal in the middle of the afternoon and do not eat before breakfast the next morning. The results were unveiled at The Obesity Society Annual Meeting 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Optimal functioning of the metabolism is in the morning

This new research suggests that eating a very early dinner, or even skipping dinner, can have some benefits to lose weight. Although further studies need to be done to confirm this theory, previous studies on animals have shown that early time-restricted feeding has helped rodents burn more fat.

Eating at the Right Time to Regulate Hunger

The human body has an internal clock (biological rhythm) and many aspects of metabolism are at their optimal functioning in the morning. Therefore, eating in alignment with the circadian body clock by eating earlier in the day can have a positive influence on health.

This early test of eTRF ( early time-restricted feeding ) in humans follows rodent studies of this approach to weight loss, which previously revealed that eTRF reduces body fat and decreases the risk of Chronic diseases in rodents.

During the human study, researchers followed 11 men and women with excess weight during 2 different sessions of 4 days. Participants ate between 8 am and 2 pm during the first session, then between 8 pm and 8 pm in the second session. The researchers then tested the impact of eTRF ( early time-restricted feeding ) on calories burned, burnt fat and appetite.Participants ate the same number of calories twice and completed all tests with supervision.

Finally, the researchers found several interesting tracks. The total number of participants’ calories burned was not affected. However, they found a reduction in daily fluctuations in hunger and an increase in fat burning for several hours at night .This test also revealed an improvement in metabolic flexibility.The latter corresponds to the body’s ability to move from burning carbohydrates to burning fat.New studies on a larger number of participants are needed.This will help to confirm aid for long-term weight loss, other health impacts, and improve public health strategies.


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