Comment: Govt needs to review cash rewards policy for sportspersons

Good? or bad? That was the main question, which came forward when former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif gave a huge sum of money rewards to the Pakistan’s cricket national team, for making Pakistan proud in the champion’s trophy. This was the matter that was highlighted by different anchors, printing media, and social media. Some spoke in the favor of it while some disagreed with it.

The trend of giving rewards started from 1960’s when Pakistan’s national hockey team won the Olympic title for Pakistan. They were rewarded cash as well as 32 acres land in shikar purr as a gift by the Pakistani government.

According to another hockey player who was part of the Pakistani team in 1984 Olympics, all the players were rewarded with plots in Islamabad and money gifts from the Pakistani government. It is now said to look into the reward policies towards the sportspersons.

Coming towards the cricket, all the members who were the part of a Pakistani team in 1992 world cup were rewarded with 500 square feet plots and cash rewards too.

Previous PBSF director and a veteran authority Asghar Valika reviewed that cuest Mohammad Yousuf, who achieved the apex of his profession when he won the Snooker World Cup at Johannesburg in 1994, was granted 500 square yards private plot by the legislature in Islamabad, thanks to leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

At the point when Mohammad Asif copied Yousuf’s accomplishment by winning the world title at Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2012, he got wealthier by around Rs10 million, both in real money and kind, kindness government and the private part. This is other than getting work in the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) sports division, as indicated by data given by previous PBSF chief Alamgir Shaikh.

In another occurrence of remunerating the sportsmen, the previous president Pervaiz Musharraf drove the distance to the KPT Sports Complex in Lyari on May 23, 2003, to give a check of Rs4.5 million to productive pugilist Mehrullah Lassi for winning a gold award in featherweight at the 2002 Busan Asian Game

The boxing champ also called to the media and reportedly said that he haven’t received any awards till now from the Pakistani government, the Pakistani government is putting up all their funds on cricket and some highlighted sports ignoring all the other sports hence they need to pay attention towards it too.

The opportunity has already come and gone the administration investigated its approach of money prizes to strike an adjust among alternate games separated from cricket and raise the spirit of competitors of different controls to attempt entire hearted endeavors to bring more trees to their nation. It is a shameful act as the youngest snooker winner of Pakistan is not given a single penny tills now by the government and private sector is also yet to announce any reward for his great achievement.


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