Body of teenager who dove into Jhelum River to win bet recovered

The Skinny guy who was dared by his friends to jump in the Jhelum river was found dead. His body was recovered on Thursday 24th August.

A group of 6 friends from Gujranwala including the 19-year-old Ali Akbar was on a trip to the northern areas. they were gathered at one of the famous picnic point named Kuneer. At that point his friends asked him to jump into the river and cross it, if gets successful they will give him a mobile phone and 15 thousand cash as the reward. He was a good swimmer so he didn’t hesitate and jumped into the river. The flow of the river was very fast and he couldn’t handle it, this proved deadly for him and this dare took his life.

Rescue 1122 took 3 days to find his dead body and finally they fished out it from the river on 24th August. Rescue 1122 handed over the dead body to the Abbottabad police, after the legal formalities the body was then handed over to his family.

All his friends are now in the custody of police under the section 322. They all are on judicial remand till 25th August (Friday)

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