Bail refusals on ‘flimsy grounds’ invites SC ire

The top court has expressed serious concern over the trend of lower courts offering “flimsy grounds” for their refusal to grant bail to accused persons.

A three-judge bench, headed by Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, also urged lower courts to adhere to binding principles laid down by the apex court and not act mechanically in the granting or refusal of bail because these matters involve the liberty of citizens and should not be decided in a vacuum and without the proper judicial approach.

Today every prison is accommodating more than double their capacities of convicted and under-trial prisoners, while the state authorities must pay for additional daily expenses such as transport to and from the courts.

Meanwhile, dependent family members of the accused, especially school-going children, are left without proper care and supervision when their parents are sent to jail, which leaves their academic career at stake and opens them to being “tempted and persuaded to indulge in antisocial activities, and ultimately landing them in the middle of crimes, which is not good for society at large”, says the order.

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