Baby Dolphin Dies After Beachgoers Pass It Around For Photos

Selfies are being taken everywhere these days but selfies should not harm nature. A tragic incident happened in Spain, when baby dolphin died on a beach while beachgoers where touching it and taking photos. It has been happening again and again that beachgoers can’t resist touching stranded sea creature in vulnerable condition. A baby dolphin got stranded in shallow waters in Mojacar, Almeria and was struggling for life when beach crowd spotted it.

Equinac, a non-profit organization working in Spain, rescues stranded creatures, mentioned on their Facebook page that many people do not understand what level of stress the stranded creature are passing through, all they desire is to take photograph and touch animal who is already frightened and starving.

The baby dolphin was apparently passed around to hundreds of people and it is evident from photographs that children holding it unintentionally covered its blowhole and the young stressed calf did not survived.

Although marine creatures do not get stranded due to beachgoers and those poor creature even may not have survived otherwise. It is important that whenever stranded marine creature are sighted, local authorities and rescue organizations must be informed to give survival chance to stranded creatures.

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