Apple will build three ‘big’ new plants in US, Trump Said

President Trump in an interview to the Wall Street Journal told that Head of Apple has promised to build new manufacturing plants within US. He had a telephonic conversation with Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple.

President Trump said: “I spoke to (Cook), he’s promised me three big plants – big, big, big”.

No comments were made from Apple on this report yet.

President Trump discussed a range of matters with Mr. Cook, which includes tax reform, when he called to confirm the plan for plants were “going forward”, Mr. Trump told.

President Trump reiterated all American companies to produce more within US in order to produce job openings and revive the crumbling manufacturing sector of US, in the electoral campaign 2016. Mainly Apple was the one, which came under fire at that point of time.

Mr Trump in January last year said “We’re gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country, instead of in other countries”.

Like others Apple is currently manufacturing almost all of its produce in Chinese facility whereas the company employs their designers and developers within US. Very few products are being made within the US.

In May the Apple chief executive said the company was creating a $1bn fund to invest in advanced manufacturing in the US.


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