A private airport in Sweden is on sale and you can own it

In western Sweden, an airport with a landing strip, two aircraft hangars and a house is up for sale. Seventy-two-year-old Kjell Brattfors owns the property, which he had built 25 miles from Gothenburg. Due to his age, he plans to sell the airport.

“There was nothing there when I bought it. I flew over the land with a friend one summer and thought that it would be a really nice place for a landing strip. So I contacted the owner, bought the land, then built a house and a 3km landing strip. I didn’t build it to be an airport, I built it for me and my son to begin with. I’m a bit older now so I thought it was time to move it on,” Brattsfors told The Local.

Kattleberg Airport – which is technically classified as a private airstrip – is on sale for 20 million kronor. Brattsfors has received several offers, but he has a few strict conditions on who he wants to sell it to.

“Finding someone to buy it isn’t difficult, but I want it to be bought by someone who will continue its legacy. I don’t want it to be destroyed and something else built on it. It’s a fantastic place,” he said.

“There aren’t so many people who have met my requirements. The estate agency has become a little bit tired of me maybe. I’ve said no to flying schools, flying clubs, things like that. I hope it goes to someone who wants to live there, fly a bit. That’s my dream scenario. A family maybe that will establish themselves there and befriend the neighbours,” he added.

This story originally appeared on The Independent.

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