A new threat targets Android devices

Cybersecurity Specialist TrendMicro has discovered GhostCtrl after there were several attacks on Israeli Hospitals to steal confidential patient records. It is very much likely that hackers behind this have intentions of phishing or blackmail.

According to TrendMicro it is alarming because it appears this attack is threat of a greater magnitude on mobiles. GhostCtrl passes itself through popular applications downloads. Once installed the malware tries to install new android package kit (APK) making pop-up to appear on pop-up.

GhostCtrl works like glutton, it simply aims all type of data, it hacks battery gauge, blocks the terminal. Malware can control Bluetooth to sync with other devices, hangs up phone during call and changes the passwords.

Be extremely cautious when downloading and installing applications, do check for descriptions and reviews. It is better to use play store platform instead of using thirds –party suspicious platforms.

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