A Galaxy S8 Mini approaching?

Samsung has always had a very pronounced taste for the declinations and it has thus chosen to propose its last terminal high-end in two sizes to cover the maximum possible uses.

However, the manufacturer would not intend to leave it at that point.
Samsung will prepare a Galaxy S8 Mini

According to a Chinese source, the company would have asked its engineers to work on a new version of its phone, a version more compact than the previous ones.

This information is obviously to take to the conditional, but the Galaxy S8 Mini could ship a 5.3-inch screen placed in an extremely compact chassis because of its borderless slab. In fact, he would inherit the Infinity screen from his two brothers.

On the other hand, it would not be entitled to the same level of processor and it could thus trade the valiant Snapdragon 835 in favor of a Snapdragon 821 much more conventional.

The amount of RAM would not change and it would still reach 4 GB, with unfortunately halved storage space.
A rumor to take with tweezers

The idea of ​​a more compact Galaxy S8 seems rather attractive, but one can legitimately wonder if Samsung really has an interest in launching such a declination. The Korean brand has a dense catalog composed of several different ranges, ranges each targeting a particular audience.

Now, a Galaxy S8 Mini with a Snapdragon 821, and therefore a processor dating from last year, could sow confusion in the minds of consumers. After all, this range is supposed to be on the top of the basket, is not it?

In addition, we must not lose sight of the fact that the latest Galaxy Sx Mini goes back three generations. The Galaxy S5 was indeed the last device to be entitled to such a declination.

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