99% of NFL players had a disease related to the head injury

A report is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association regarding the study conducted by them about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Study was conducted on 202 deceased players and out of those 111 were from the National Football league. It was found 99% of NFL players had a disease related to the head injury. Age of the players under study were between 23 and 89. Traces of CTE were found in 87% of those. In addition to NFL there were players from high schools, universities and Canadian league.

The study was led by the director of Boston University’s CTE Center, she said it is not right to come up with any immediate conclusions. Though study conducted is largest of its kind. There are many questions relating to causes, incidence and prevalence of long term effects which are yet to be answered. She also feels there can be selection bias in the study, as to how many of the donated brains were with CTE disease which researchers believed was caused by the multiple blows to head.

She further said that is for sure that football playing people are at risk of having CTE.

CTE is basically neurodegenerative disease, which is mostly found in persons who had suffered repeated blows to head. This disease causes tau proteins to build-up which disables neuro-pathways which result in mental illness such as memory loss, confusion, and reduction in judging power.

NFL has shown gratitude on the conduct of study which will definitely help in better understanding of CTE. They are also committed with their support towards scientific research into CTE and regarding prevention and treatment of head injuries. It was in 2016 when NFL recognized the link between CTE and football.

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