9 Tips To Lose Weight Without Feeling Hunger And Staying Healthy

Losing weight should always be a goal based on health and common sense, not a cause for frustration and resentment.

In this article, we share 9 simple and effective tips to lose weight in a healthy way, and without suffering from hunger. They make you feel good inside your body, inside and out.

Losing weight without a miracle diet

The key to losing weight without suffering from hunger and without sacrifices is to learn to eat healthier.

We need to change the functioning of our body to improve digestion and increase calorie intake.

The miracle diets offer very visible results in the short term. However, they can be harmful to health, affect the liver and kidneys, and expose us to chronic diseases.

In addition, once the diet is over, the body often suffers from a boomerang effect, which can cause a re-weight gain, and even go up to a weight higher than that before the diet.

In this article, we give you 9 tricks to lose weight intelligently.

Thus, we will not only lose pounds in a progressive and permanent way: we will also feel full of energy, vitality and good humor.

1. Increase metabolism

Metabolism is one that regulates, among other functions, the energy expenditure that we make. If we increase the metabolism, we can burn calories, and thus lose weight more easily.

To do this, we should do moderate intensity exercises, drink water and consume foods that stimulate it:

Cayenne pepper
Green Tea
The lawyer
Coconut oil

2. Eating filling foods

If you have a good appetite and one of your weak points is constant hunger, you should start by eating filling foods that will fill you up with less amount than others.

To do this, choose those that are rich in water and fiber:

The salads
Fruit smoothies
Pieces of vegetables
Dry vegetables
Dried fruits (neither fried nor salted)
Flax and chia seeds
Complete cereals

3. Drink more water

If one increases its consumption of fibers, one must also increase its consumption of water. Thus, not only will we feel more satiety but also facilitate the digestion of the fibers.

We often believe that we are hungry and yet, when we drink a glass of water, we realize that it was only a feeling of thirst.

To remove liquids, the same foods are not used to remove grease. In this case, the diuretic capacity is increased with foods such as:

The cucumber
The salad
The pear
The watermelon

5. Choose the right fats

Low fat diets do not work. On the contrary, it is better to eat a good amount of fat, but good quality.

Thus, one accelerates the metabolism and one feels less appetite.

Foods high in healthy fats are:

Coconut oil
Olive oil
The lawyer
The dried fruit
The egg yolk
Ghee or clarified butter

6. Eat good quality protein

We must also ensure that we consume a good daily ration of protein, as they speed up metabolism, help us turn fat into muscle and reduce the diameter of the waist.

Proteins are not found only in meat. It is necessary to consume sources of animal and vegetable proteins:

The egg
Dairy products
Dry vegetables
Dried fruits and seeds

7. Reduce carbohydrates

Today, we eat too much unhealthy carbohydrates, such as bread, pastry, pizza, pasta and so on. We must reduce them and replace them with more nutritious ones:

The complete rice
The millet
Sweet potato
The banana

8. Chew well

While chewing each bite helps us improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients, satiate us sooner and eat less.

This good habit is essential especially for people who eat too quickly due to lack of time or eating disorder.

It is also necessary to eat outside of the working environment or out of places that cause stress or nervousness in us, as well as distract us from the distractions and conversations.

9. Enjoy the meal

Do not forget to enjoy the meal. To consider it with positivity and good morale is much healthier.

If you are discouraged or depressed, you are more exposed to deviations and you are more likely to eat things than you should, rather than to meet the goals you have set.

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