7 Tips to Overcome Morning Fatigue in a Natural Way

If you get tired in the morning you should know that morning fatigue is a very troublesome disorder that we can solve naturally through some simple tips.

Discover in this article the 7 essential tips to wake you up every day with energy, vitality and good humor.

What causes morning fatigue?

Morning fatigue can have different origins because many factors contribute to it :

Rhythm of intense life, nervousness and stress.
Unbalanced diet or lack of nutrients.
Bad habits.
Rest environment may be adequate.

In this article we will reveal what advice will help us to eradicate morning fatigue once and for all.

1. Improve rest

To wake up full of energy, first we need to ensure the quality of sleep , because the problem could be in our surroundings.

  • The place must be silent.
  • We must not be disturbed by any light, small as it would prevent the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.
  • We have to disconnect all electromagnetic devices that surround us.
  • The temperature should be appropriate.
  • The room should be tidy, clean and with little clutter of objects.
  • Good ventilation is required, especially during the day.
  • We can flavor the room with relaxing oils, such as lavender or chamomile.
  • Before going to bed we will have a hot shower .

2. Fight Stress

Stress is the great enemy of health because it unbalances our body and makes us vulnerable to any disorder.

One of the most common symptoms of stress is insomnia or difficulties to rest properly, which causes fatigue every morning or throughout the day.

To fight stress we must feed properly and if necessary take supplements to strengthen our defenses and avoid nutritional deficiencies.

However, this will not be enough if we do not realize a change in our pace of life and become aware of our priorities .

3. Carrying out exercise of average intensity

It is difficult to rest well if we have not been tired during the day and if it is not a physical effort but an intellectual one.

We are becoming more and more mentally exhausted while leading a sedentary lifestyle.

It is therefore recommended to practice an exercise of average intensity, two or three times a week .We will then see the positive results from the first moments.

4. Monitor the dinners

Dinner should always be early and based on light foods in order to properly perform digestion before going to bed.

This facilitates the resting of the liver and gallbladder and therefore the level of energy and well-being we will have when we get up.

When dinners are too rich, the body concentrates all its energy on digestion instead of helping us to recover completely from the fatigue of the day.

5. Nutritious breakfasts

Those who get up very tired must prioritize their breakfast more .

Although some people can get out of their homes after taking only their coffee, others need a good amount of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats to start the day with strength.

We recommend that you include the following foods:

  • Raw fruits and vegetables, salads or liquids. Coconut and avocado are strongly advised.
  • Integral cereals such as oats and breads made from rye, spelled, etc.
  • Dried fruits and seeds .
  • Vegetable beverages.

6. Strengthen our defenses when needed

From time to time it is sometimes necessary to take certain supplements to strengthen our defenses , for example, the following:

  • Spirulina.
  • Korean ginseng (for short periods).
  • Maca powder.
  • Magnesium .
  • Yeast.
  • Extra virgin coconut oil.
  • Olive leaf.
  • Probiotics.

We can consume them for a period and alternate them according to the positive effect they have on us.

7. Hornbeam floral essence (foliage)

There is a floral essence used in the famous flowers of Bach known as Hornbeam (foliage).

It helps us to combat the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion experienced before making any effort , as is the case of morning fatigue.

We can take 4 drops of this essence 4 times a day, alone or mixed with a little water.

It does not have any contraindications or side effects and does not entail any risk for sick people, children, pregnant women, etc.


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