500 ISIS victims found in Two mass graves in Iraq

Aftermaths of civil war, Iraqi military has found near the northern city of Mosul two mass graves of more than 500 people in the vicinity of an ISIS prison.

The Media Cell Security Investigation team on Friday confirmed that in one of the two mass graves near the Badoush Prison were found bodies of 470 prisoners, while another contained the bodies of 30 people, killed by ISIS terrorists.

It is believed that the majority of the victims belonged to Shia Muslims sect or some other minority groups in the city, on the condition of anonymity told a security official.

ISIS has not the first time targeted Shia Muslims in Iraq as well as other countries. ISIS terrorists organization has also carried out an attack on the Imam Zaman Mosque in Afghanistan at the time when Shia Muslim worshippers were attending Friday prayers.

The group had executed possibly hundreds of prisoners who were taken in in Mosul city who were later on executed and buried in a mass graves, reported by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The victims were executed between June 2014 and May or June 2015, the time when ISIS took control and their bodies were dumped in a sinkhole at a site in western Mosul, according to witnesses.

Several Iraqi security forces members were also among the victims.

According to the HRW deputy Middle East director Lama Fakih, terrorists had also laid landmines and booby-traps in the mass grave in an attempt to “maximize harm to Iraqis”.


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