Woman honors grandmother she never met by wearing her wedding dress

Madison Kantzer already knew exactly which dress she would be wearing on her wedding even though she was never the type to plan her dream wedding.

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Madison Kantzer wore her grandmother’s dress during her April wedding.

Madison Kantzer during her April wedding wore her grandmother’s dress.

The 29-year-old admired the floor-length since her childhood in Potomac, Maryland, beaded gown that once belonged to Adele Schiff Greene her grandmother. When Kantzer’s mother, Patricia Greene was only 14 Greene passed away at 40 in 1969.

Kantzer had heard plenty of stories even though the two women never met.

Kantzer while talking to her friend said “My mother talks about her a lot, it’s weird I’ve never met her”.

Courtesy of Madison Kantzer
Adele Schiff Greene wore the dress to her son’s bar mitzvah in 1966.

Carl and Geraldine Simon are the basic source of information for her as much of what Kantzer knows about her grandmother came from them. The friends of Adele who stepped in to act as adoptive grandparents to Kantzer after Adele’s death.

Patricia told us “My mother was a woman ahead of her time, she actually had applied to law school before she died. She was a very progressive kind of gal. She was also very fashion conscious”.

And unsurprisingly, Adele and Kantzer share some things in common.

“She felt strongly about causes, and I see that in Madison, too. She felt very strongly about the things she believes in,” Patricia said. “She was an adventurer, she loved to travel. Oh, my God, Madison, she loves to travel.”

Precious few possessions remain from the woman Kantzer described as a “fun, stylish lady”: some jewelry, photographs and, of course, one incredible dress.

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