12 Ideas to Start Spring Positively

Spring is fast approaching. This change of season is an opportunity to organize and encourage now the best of our person, to improve our life and the daily life of our home. Whether outside and inside (from home and from yourself), taking time to orchestrate change can be a good way to bring a new wind, to dust off the house and improve your life.

If you can not find a recipe for a classic Spring House, discover 12 ways of thinking, for a “Spring Cleaning at the bottom of drawers and in your life”, and help you develop healthy habits and improve your well- be.

12 commands to attack the spring positively

  1. Reduce your waste, eat seasonal and local products

Seasonal products offer more flavor as well as the opportunity to save money. Local products support farmers and small producers, and also save the environment by eliminating long-distance transport systems. Spring is the perfect time to change the way you consume and discover your local producers.

  1. Plan exams and appointments for a healthy check-up

Schedule appointments with your attending physician, dermatologist or dentist to make an assessment. You will thus be able to detect and anticipate all that will be necessary for your well-being during the year.

  1. Plan a daily physical activity

Walking and exercise provide a real benefit to the cardiovascular system and burn calories. A walk in the woods, a daily “forest bath”, lowers blood pressure, decreases stress and stimulates immune defenses.

  1. Empty your medicine cabinet and cabinet

Medicines, parapharmacy products, beauty care, and all home maintenance products require sorting. Safely dispose of old medicines and products whose dates are exceeded. You can avoid any poisoning or allergy. Ask your pharmacist for the recycling of drugs and other potentially toxic products.

  1. Improve your diet and remove wheat for a month

If the winter period has given you a few extra pounds, or your digestive health is not at its highest, try to eliminate wheat from your diet. A wheat-free cure helps to avoid the stimulating properties of the wheat gliadin protein (gluten), improves intestinal health and stabilizes blood sugar. Trade in wheat products for rice, quinoa, legumes, buckwheat, tapioca and potatoes.

  1. Relax, learn to breathe

Finally decide to manage your stress more quickly. If you can not save time each day to meditate or practice a Yoga session, take a few minutes to work your breathing. There are more or less complex approaches to remove stress, but fortunately the work of breathing does not require much investment. The work of breathing allows us to work a vital function of our general well-being.

Sample exercise: Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Place your hands on your stomach. Concentrate on the movement of air in your belly. Breathe in counting up to five, hold your breath for a while, then release slowly. Continue for three to five minutes.

  1. Reduce the allergenic potential of your home

The arrival of Spring is the occasion to do the classic “Spring cleaning”, and it is the opportunity to go to the hunting allergy by washing all the sheets, cushions, blankets and clothes. Why ? The largest number of mites live in the bedroom.

Allergens in the indoor habitat are one of the causes of allergies. A house that is poorly ventilated, too humid, polluted by molds, chemicals and other mites, which can cause various allergies and problems: respiratory (allergic rhinitis, asthma), skin (eczema, urticaria), ocular (conjunctivitis).

All smooth surfaces, including fan blades, washable walls, window frames, and dark corners behind appliances, must be cleaned. Thus, you will reduce the allergic potential of your environment, and you will improve the air quality of your home.

  1. Purge your old beauty treatments and your toiletries kit

Remember that the products you use every day for your hygiene all have a deadline and can sometimes deteriorate depending on the storage environment. Whether organic or not, personal hygiene and beauty products must be used within deadlines. Clean the bottoms of your drawers in the bathroom, and rearrange your toiletries, to keep only the essentials.

  1. Maintain or replace your shoes

Well shoe is paramount! The shoes are very important and contribute to our well-being. Your shoes must be comfortable, whether they are for sports or for your day to day work, your shoes require maintenance (cleaning, waxing …), or a replacement if they are too worn (loss of their padding effect, … ).

  1. Optimize your use of technology tools

The use of technological tools has become omnipresent. The effects of this era of the “all-screen” and the “social network king” has negative effects on our social ties and behaviors, not to mention the detrimental effects of electromagnetic waves on health.

Take the time to change your look at the new technologies that are in your environment, and even more so in your children’s. Go to the basics (sorting emails, prioritizing, …) and do not sacrifice “human” moments, among friends or family, to spend time on Facebook, Twitter or a smartphone game. In addition to a small record of your time spent on the Internet, take the opportunity to take stock of your digital identity (update your social networking profiles, etc.).

  1. Stimulate your everyday happiness

The objects of our environment have a power over our well-being and our psychic state. Living surrounded by old trophies and memories is a reassuring thing, but can have the opposite effect. Stimulate your happiness by eradicating photographs, letters or objects that make you sad or too nostalgic.

Get rid of your clothes that do not flatter you and renew instead with colors and patterns that you cherish. You just do not need these luggage, sometimes heavy to wear and unnecessary.

After this material sorting in your environment, take the time to make a list of all the things that give you happiness and joy, as well as a list of all the people to whom you wish to express your gratitude. By focusing on the positive aspects of your life and the people who participate in it, you will be more confident in your daily efforts and positive thoughts to face what life holds for you.

  1. Begin or pursue a creative hobby, an artistic practice

The practice of an artistic activity is an effective way to develop one’s sensitivity and enrich oneself. Whether origamis, watercolor, drawing, pottery, or dance, do not hesitate to open the field of your aspirations.

By creating a regular moment in contact with creativity and learning of artistic techniques, you will have the opportunity to broaden your perception of the world. Circle of creativity in association, playful activity, creative games, expression of self, writing, drawing or music ….

All artistic practices are emancipatory and contribute to our development. A valuable tool of personal development, an artistic activity allows us to discover our hidden resources and learn to look at the world differently.


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